Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The froyo edition

I had a crappy time at work last week. The constant stress and frustration has seen me ditching my health salad lunches in favour of Lygon Street gelati (the abnormally warm spring weather wasn't helping!). My "eat clean, train mean" plan has completely derailed in recent weeks and I find myself lacking in willpower and determination.

Although I had been an avid ice cream truck chaser as a child, over the years I have lost most of my enthusiasm for all things icy and sweet. I have regained some of my lost passion in recent times through my interest in frozen yogurt - or as the hipsters and gen-Ys like to call it - froyo!

1. Froyo Truck - Yogurddiction
I stumbled across Yogurddiction on broadsheet sometime ago and have since been "stalking" their facebook statuses almost on a daily basis, wishing they would pass by my office so I can dash out for a froyo break.
After hearing about my discovery, my friend F (who is no doubt the biggest froyo freak I know) volunteered to come and chase the froyo on wheels with me. That day Yogurddiction advised us that they would be setting up shop at Brunswick community garden but by the time we go there mid Sunday afternoon, the froyo truck was no where to be found. Just as we were about to give up, another facebook update informed us they have relocated to nearby Barkly Square. When we reached Barkly Square, we finally saw a glimpse of pink amidst a sea of parked cars.

Toppings <3
As I am totally suckers for anything cute and pink, I became instantly jealous of the guy who was running the truck and briefly contemplated quitting my finance job to join him.
Original + Wild Berry Twist topped with fruit pebbles passionfruit boba and m&m's ($6.00)

I loved how colourful and cute my cup looked :) In terms of flavour it was a shame the contents didn't provide me with the rich, creamy flavours I was anticipating. Although I am yet to become a yogurddict, once the weather gets warmer I will definitely be going around the office trying to convince colleagues to chip in for a deliverly tub, or two. 

Yogurddiction on Urbanspoon

2. DIY Froyo - Yo-Chi

After teasing us with some gorgeous summer days through out the week, Melbourne weather decided to chuck a spasm and threw us back into cold, miserable rainy weather over the weekend. On Saturday I was out in St Kilda having lunch at Golden Fields with S, F and M. Despite the cold, wintery weather, F was adamant that we should go visit Yo-Chi in Balaclava after lunch. After our Yogurddiction adventure, F went on a Melbourne-froyo-facebook-page-liking spree and Yo-Chi seemed to be on the top of her list. Since we figured it would probably be another year (or two) before we visit this area again, we all agreed the weather and our full bellies were not suffient excuses to deny ourselves froyo. 

 Honey Soybean and Coconut Froyo with boba, m&m's caramel banana and strawberries ($2.8 per 100g)
I apologise for the lack of pictures, I GOT CARRIED AWAY OMG. For starters the flavours were all so interesting - honey soybean or chai froyo anyone? My favourite would have to be coconut, it tastes extra creamy whilst still retaining the tangy freshness that makes froyo oh so addictive. They have 8 different froyo flavours on offer and you can top it off with more than 20 different toppings ranging from fresh fruit to more unusual offerings such chocolated-coated goji berries.
The shop assistant was super friendly and was more than happy for us to try out all the different flavours. We even had a brief chat about our favourite Melbourne restaurants and other froyo stores, and I hinted to him that Doncaster area is in dire need of a good froyo joint. Fingers crossed he will pass my message onto the owners hehe
I would probably visit more often if the store was located somewhere north of the Yarra, I'm damn jealous of the kids who live in this area - not so jealous of their parents as we observed a lady paying close to $40 for her kids' DIY creations. Note parents, please learn from this poor woman's mistake and do not let your kids run amok in this place, they will (if they haven't already) drive you broke.

Facebook page

Yo-Chi Self Serve Frozen Yogurt  on Urbanspoon

3. The original - Cacao Green

Uni buddy S and I caught up in Camberwell on Sunday for some brunch and market fun. As S was desperate for some froyo action, we drove to Glenferrie Cacao Green to satisfy her cravings. I purposely avoided going to the Camberwell store because a friend vented to me about how they did not carry green tea froyo, the flavour we both agreed to be the uttermost superior flavour of all. We arrived at Glenferrie store to find their green tea had also been replaced by pomegranate (Cacao Green website advises all flavours other than original are subject to seasonal changes). We settled for a regular bowl of original/ blueberry twist topped with strawberries, macadamia nuts and coconut jelly. Although blueberry was no match for green tea, the lovely fruity after taste paired well with the chewy, sweet coconut jelly cubes, yum. Cacao Green is probably the pioneer of the recent froyo boom in Melbourne, and being the sister brand of Red Mango has no doubt helped on the PR side of things.
Regular cup with strawberries, coconut jelly and macadamia nuts ($9)

Cacao Green Glenferrie on Urbanspoon

As summer approaches and as we venture further down F's bucket list, more froyo adventures will no doubt ensue. This post will definitely have a sequel to follow, so watch this space! 

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