Saturday, 13 July 2013

Sunday Breakfast for One

I paid Miss Frank an impromptu visit last Sunday after visiting Camberwell market. I had just missed out on some fresh roses from my favourite florist  and had accidentally spilled half of my Prospect Espresso SL down my front whilst juggling my phone, a bunch of second-hand garments and my wallet, really unco stuff. Given I have already had a below-average week I was convinced that a brunch treat was justified.

Because I was under the impression Miss Frank was somewhere along Riversdale Rd and not far from the junction, it felt like forever before I turned into Through Rd (which is actually much closer to Warrigal Rd end of Riversdale) and parked across the road from the cafe, which is nestled among a shopping strip of suburban small businesses and eateries. The double shop frontage houses a spacious dining area and a providore.

The interior was clean, minimal and slightly industrial. Props to the owners for installing a wheelchair lift making the elevated back dining area wheelchair-friendly.
The menu at Miss Frank was rather extensive, with breakfast and lunch options covering the entirety of an A3 sheet. I wasn't really ready when the waiter approached to take my order so I pointed to the first item that came to sight - a poached egg on multi-grain toast. It sounded a bit sad on its own so I asked for some avocado and dukkah to accompany my egg and help boost my omega 3 intake. 

Poached Egg on Multi-grain Toast with Avocado and Dukkah ($11.00)
The egg was so translucent, I had never seen such a pretty poached egg in Melbourne, like ever!
I was really hoping for gooey goodness to gush out once the egg was popped but sadly contrary to the external good looks, the yolk was a bit of a let down and didn't flow like I had anticipated. 

Don't judge a book by its cover, so they say? 
In terms of flavour, there was no super-wow factor in the dish but when showered with salt and pepper and a good squeeze of lemon, every element tasted delicious in a wholesome, simple kind of way. The only downside was the toast was absolutely drenched in butter so it bled of oil every time it was poked with my fork, ew.  
Delicious array of baked goods at the counter. 
If I were to come to Miss Frank again in the future I would definitely make a girls brunch or gathering out of it. Whilst the food was nice, Miss Frank probably isn't the best place to chill alone on a cold winter day. And thus my search for the ultimate cosy brunch-for-one continues... 

Miss Frank
200 Through Road 
Camberwell 3124
(03) 9078 5351

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